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The Rampur Hound




With an speed clocking 80km/hs Rampur Hound is the world’s fastest dog !Rampur Hound is said to be a cross between Afghan Hounds and the English Greyhound.It is because of this ability that Rampur Hounds are stout,tall as the former and fast,fierce as the latter.Rampur Hound has distinctive features than other sighthounds it is very good guard dog with loud bark and a ferocious fighter with other dogs.Or in different words it is wolf in a sighthound's body.Most of the Rampur Hound characteristics come from big stray dogs or Boarhounds of rural north India crossing it with other sighthounds like Afghan, Tazi and English greyhound.Unfortunately due to the popularity of western species such as the Bull Dog and the German Sheperd as well as banning of hunting practices Rampur Hounds are delving in a circle of seclusion.So much so that the Government Of India has considered this species rare and is in consideration for supervised breeding of this canine at the centres specially created in her universities.It would indeed take a sheer amount of an effort to preserve the once royal canine of the great English Raj.


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